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Owner description

It’s been said that if you want to see beautiful ladyboys, go to Tiffany; but if you want to see a great show, head over to Alcazar Cabaret Show. While the two shows follow a similar theme, the Alcazar Theatre boasts state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, which make quite a bit difference. Extravagant costumes, convincingly stunning ladyboys, spectacular stage sets are all part of a grander show that delights you with non-stop fantasmic entertainment, from the Russian stage to K-Pop to Persian harlem and even outer space. Whether you are in for the beautiful ‘ladies’ or the show, you’ll get your money worth at Alcazar.

Highlights of this tour:

  • High-quality transvestite cabaret show
  • Stunning costumes and awe-inspiring song and dance routines
  • Family-friendly fun
  • Round-trip transport to and from your hotel included
  • 70-minute tour


The Alcazar show has been delighting audience from the world for over 30 years.  Thrilling millions with the laughter & the impressions.  You will experience the magic of Alcazar state of the art computerized lighting system & be dazzled by the effects of our “Studio Colors & Circle Surround Sound DTS System”, but that is only the beginning.  Prepare to be entertained in grand style by our 400 crew members of wonderfully talented artists & entertainers.


The Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya is recognized internationally throughout the entertainment circuit. It has been given equal acclamation to both Lido and the Moulin Rouge of Paris. Alcazar is more than just a drag queen show and in the early days was not accepted. After years of evolvement and development of new technology, the Alcazar Show is world acclaimed. It has successfully blended the art of acting, stage design, costumes and performance so well that all ages can enjoy the spectacular show. The Alcazar show is a must see for visitors local or foreigners.


Last Updated : August 1, 2013

Our show are daily at 17:00, 18:30, 20:00, and 21:30
The shows will run approximately 70 minutes.

1. The Wondrous World
2. Aqua Playa
3. Ba Jang
4. Four Legendary Regions of Siam Kingdom
5. Le Jazz Hot
6. Flowers of China
7. Melayu Dance
8. Hello Vietnam
9. Persian Dance
10. Lola Want Love
11. Dance With Me
12. Arirang Drums & Fans Dance
13. Oppa It Just My Style (Korean Pop Dance)
14. Boogie Wonderland
15. One Man Woman
16. The World Is Not Enough
17. Fabulous Russia
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Activity type : Specific Date
Activity Time : 1730
Maximum number of people : Unlimited
Venue Facilities : Approx 70 Minutes
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